Time to take a new approach to diabetes management

Seeing President Bush taking a new approach to Iraq, I took a hard look at what I need to do to get my diabetes back into control.

It has been over 10 days into the new year and I have not gone on the treadmill even once. I am still eating more than what I should. Still not testing more than once a day.

Well, I think the current actions are not working. This is not going to lead to tighter control. So I am going to be making changes. I am going to take away choices. I will make it necessary to take a walk each day. Have to test after each meal. Restart keeping track of the sugars into some format, right not I will go back to my Excel spreadsheets.

I feel more confident of my new plan of action than President Bush's.
I pray for all the American soldiers and all the people in Iraq. They all deserve better that a violent life of war. May there be peace soon.


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