My first e-mail blog posting

I am trying out the feature where you can e-mail to blogger and have it
post to the site automatically. I figured as part of the new year, I am
going to learn more about blogging and all the features that are
available. I have moved my blog fully over to the new blogger, including
migrate the template.
Also added myself into This is another way to get blog
entries e-mailed to you. Cool new technology. Next I would like to
explore Some social networking through e-mails will be
good. I have been wondering of there is anyone out there podcasting
about diabetes. Would be interesting to find out.


George said…
There was a great podcast called Diabetic Feed that actually introduced me to the OC. I was seriously thinking about doing one but I am not sure.

thank you for tryijng the email post. I was too chicken to try it.

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