Does stress impact the sugars

I am not sure if anyone else has any inputs about this. Some books suggest that there is no impact of stress on your sugars, or so say the studies. But it sure seems to impact my numbers.
Last couple of days have been very stressful and the fasting sugar number have now shot up into the high 130's for me. It is very confusing and disheartening. Stress seems to affect in so many weird ways. I did not eat decent dinners, was up late into the night. Was unable to get up early morning to exercise. I could not wake up at the regular hour, and so after shutting off the alarm, crawled back into the bed and tried to get some more sleep, but it was not a peaceful one. The mind was still semi active constantly telling me that I am missing my regular time on the treadmill and that is going to be killing me slowly. Even when I did finally get up and loaded up on the caffeine to get the brain going, still did not feel like getting onto the exercise machines. The motivation was all just sucked away. Crazy, but all o of this makes sense why the sugar numbers are jumping higher.

Why is stress so harmful? Why does it suck out all the energy? The mind seems to work overtime and the body seems to want to shutdown. I don't feel hungry but everything I eat, I make bad choices. And to top it all, it does not seem to bother that I am doing this to me.

I am going to find a solution to get control on the stress. The right way is to face the problem head on and try to resolve it, but need to muster enough courage to do that.


Francois Rivest said…
In my case, stress does have an impact on my blood sugar level. I noticed that it may increase it by sometimes 50%. If I listen to music while I work, it seems to help maintain or lower my blood sugar level. I also noticed that I sometimes eat more than I should when I'm stressed out.

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