Good NEWS for all diabetics

I used to think that there are three types of diabetes -
Type 1, Type 2 and Gestational.
Now I hear that scientists looking into the disease are discovering lots of other facets of the disease and are beginning to coin words like type 1.5 and type 3. There is just too much going on in the scientific world and it is all good.

It is amazing that we did not have more focus on the disease before, but I am pretty sure that is because there were just not enough diabetics around. It is a simple case of economics. AS there are more people suffering, there are going to be a lot more opportunities to sell, so there are going to be a lot more innovators coming up with new and better solutions.

The best NEWS I have heard for type 1 diabetics has been the successful results of the islet cell transplantation. The Islet cells are the ones that produce the insulin in your pancreas. For type 1 diabetes, the person does not have any living cells left. Once new cells are injected, the pancreas start producing insulin again and the person is almost back to normal. The miracle of science is that they have found a way to get these cells installed into the pancreas and the body is not rejecting them.
For type 2 diabetics there is good new too. Islet transplants will eventually help them too. There is also a story in BBC about scientists that are able to make the islet cells that are not fully dead start producing insulin again. Amazing things.
Another good thing for people who are injecting insulin and are afraid of needles is the progress on the inhalable insulin. This would make it so much more easier to take insulin and adjust to the meals.

Lets hope and pray that these scientists keep on their tracks and can get some of these new cures to help all of us and the ones that will come after us. And lets make sure we keep buying our medications as this will keep the wheels of the diabetic drug industry churning as they look for newer and better solutions.

And remember to keep moving and exercising. Keep that chin up and put a smile on as life is good and worth enjoying.


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