An exercise routine with results

I have been experimenting a lot with the various exercise routines. And I think I understand a lot more about how I can use it to control my sugar numbers.

First, any movement is good. Being diabetic means that you have to move around and be active all day. Sitting passively and watching TV for long hours is not an option. Even if I am watching TV, I tend to move around. Walk on the spot and shake my arms around. Maybe cleanup after my toddler daughter. Bless the fact that she likes to create a mess.

The second thing that I have learned is that to have any impact on the sugar numbers, you got to get that heartrate into the zone. There are a bunch of sites explaining this zone. But the idea is to do enough exercise, with enough stress that your heart rate reaches the high zone for atleast 15 minutes. What this means for me is that just running on the treadmill is not enough, I have to increase the incline so that it raises my heart rate. On my NordicTrack, what works is to do a preprogrammed routine called the Canyon run. That really gets me going. It is a 40 minute workout and the incline goes all the way to 8.0. I normally have to take a 5 minutes break in the middle as I get too tired.

The third thing that I learned is about the timing of when to do the exercise. In my experience it works great to do it about and hour after finishing breakfast. That allows enough time for the sugar to get into the system and then you get a great sugar reduction which seems to last through the whole day.

This is what I know right now and hope that it keeps working for a while.


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