Trying to rein in a run away fasting sugar

I am in the middle of a three week vacation and I am having lots of trouble keeping my fasting sugar numbers anywhere close to where I will to keep it.
Here is a graphical view of my fasting sugars -

The graph is coming from my own website - which I am very proud of.

As you can see, in the mid Nov to mid Dec time frame I had started getting fasting sugars under 120s, which was a tremendous achievement. Then came Christmas ( and family) and then came this vacation (and some more family).

I am struggling here to keep a tight leash on things, but my diet is very hard to keep in control since I am not in my own house. Exercise is pretty much non existent.

I feel frustrated, but am trying to be patient. Just another week and I will be back home. Then I can restart a life with better control and hopefully bring the numbers down again.


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