My advice on fighting diabetes, Take Control Yourself

I keep seeing and talking to people who get diagnosed with diabetes and are always looking for the magic pill that will cure it. Must be the fact that right now we are always being bombarded with messages on how science has made these huge leaps in health and there is a cure for almost anything in the world. Folks do not want to think about the disease, they want a doctor to come in and just tell them what to do.

Well, there is no magic bullet. Type 2 diabetes does not have a cure as yet. Sure there are doctors espousing the benefits of various drugs. Sure there are lots of people talking abut one herb or another that can cure it all.

Wake up, and smell the spiced COFFEE. The only way to get control is to do it yourself. You can take herbs and pills, but no exercise spells long term doom. You have to watch what you eat, test your sugars as much as possible and move around. You have to change your lifestyle to a more active one.


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