The Cheating Culture around my diabetes

I have been reading a book called the The Cheating Culture: Why More Americans Are Doing Wrong to Get Ahead. It is a great book, a little dark as it is telling a dark story, but a good read. Makes you want to think about how there is cheating around you and how the culture is self propagating the whole things. I have seen the cheating happen in the USA as well as India. It is not that the cheating is limited to just the two countries, but I know of what I have observed myself. I myself have cheated at times and so I know I am no moral authority who is out there decrying the others for their actions.

Lately I see the whole pharmaceutical industry cheating around me. They bring out new drugs in the market that are no better that the exisiting ones, but the companies and the regulatory agencises cheat the comsumers by not making comparitive studies. Negative results are being hidden away and sometimes totally wiped out. There is a concerted effort of starting more rigourous drugs on all patients as soon as possible, as early as possible. I know there are some good things too, but the bad is also out there and someone needs to keep talking about it.

The one thing that I know I can not cheat is my diabetes. It is there, it is here. I can cheat myself and tell myself that I have good sugars, but the numbers are there for me to see. The affects on my body are there for real, it is not any cheating.

Lesson to learn - You can cheat a system and another person, but it is impossible to cheat yourself and nature. The basic laws of nature are so basic that you cannot cheat with them.


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