Starting up on Metfornin

My A1C numbers were just not to my liking. I am also having trouble keeping up with the strict diet. When you hit issues you realize how much of the support structure you need around yourself to have a good diabetic friendly regimen.

So anyway, I am giving up the fight without any medication for a little while. I am string off on Metfornin. The doctor put me on 500 mg during dinner. We will wtach and adjust as we go.

I have been on the medication for a week now. Not much change, but right now I have a lot more gastrointestinal issues. They say it can take about a month for your system to adjust. So a new experiment begins...


Rachel... said…
I found myself in the same situation 3 months ago.

So far, so good, except for the GI side effects that come and go.
Hannah said…
I'm type 1 but also on Metformin. Do you have regular or XR? I take the XR, and I find that if you eat some carbs, take the Metformin, and then eat the rest of your carbs, it helps with some of the issues. Maybe try taking it in the middle of your meal instead of at the beginning or the end...that usually helps me!
Jenny said…
Another vote for the ER (extended release) form of Metformin. Much less impact on the digestive system. Plus, you only have to take it once a day, so it is easier to remember.

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