Coffee helps my diabetes type2

Lately the news lines are again talking about how coffee can reduce the risk of diabetes. This has been going on for a while. Here is an article from the ADA about this issue -
ADA on Coffee

I think that some amount of coffee does help me manage my type2 diabetes. And the reason it helps me has nothing to do with any ingredients in the drink. It is to do with what the drink does to me. Here are my two reasons -
Reason 1 - I am lazy by nature. So given a chance I would like to sit down and rest. Having a cup of coffee gives me a reason to get up, make the cup and drink it. Then when the caffeine kicks in, it gets harder to just sit around, so I get more active and this helps keep sugars down.
Reason 2 - When sugars actually go high, it seems like I am wearing a lead suit. This is when I go to coffee for sure. I need some way of keeping myself up and not just falling asleep. I have tried the dowsing off thing, but it does nothing to the sugars. You have to get active instead. It is weird, but the cure for lethargy coming out of high sugars is to be active. Nothing like a nice tall cup of ciffee to bring about the jolt.


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