The rising oil prices are affecting my sugars

This is a purely satirical piece, so do not take it seriously :-)

Lately my sugar numbers are just off the roof. I am seeing numbers like 240, 250 on the meter.
Lately the oil prices are just off the roof too. The price of a gallon of oil has crossed $80.

Once you cross a limit, it never seems shocking again. Now a number over 200 for my blood sugar gets a response...bah humbug...I will live. Same with the process of oil over 80, response is ...whatever...if I cannot afford it, I will not travel...

So what do the two have in common...
1) They have both broken through some limits and now the numbers will never phase me as they rightly should.
2) They might have an impact on each other. If I can get myself motivated right, to reduce my sugars, I would walk or bike to work, thus consuming lesser gas, thus making a small dent in the gas consumption and reduction in the price. In the same way, a higher gas price can motivate me to take the bike to work, thus bringing down the sugar levels.

Now, I just need to motivate myself right...t


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