Burger King surprises me

I mostly like to eat at McDonalds. I tend to go for the Fish sandwich or the double quarter pounder. I seem to do good with either one of them. Sugars are a little higher since I eat the whole bun, but the large amount of protein in the burger seems to compensate. I tend to be under 160 two hours after the food. A little bit of exercise and the numbers are lower.

Yesterday while on the road, I got really hungry and Burger King was convenient. I decide to try them out. They had a new stacker series, I went for the two patty one. It also came with a slice of cheese and some bacon in it. The buns seem to be a little smaller than the ones in MD. But the taste was excellent. Not sure what the sauce had but the taste was delicious. It was good enough to want to come back again. MD, if you are listening, you might want to make things more tasty. The sugars were not shappby eiter,. I was 150 after basically eating the food and sitting in the car.

The BK burger has 32 g of carbs in it. Here is more info on the burger from our friends at CalorieKing -

Info From CalorieKing


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