Temptations all around

There are so many tempations around.
I am on a vacation/worki trip and staying with family. It is amazing how many temtations are around. There are little kids and their food. The adults also love sweets and carbs. There are donuts and mini muffins and ice cream and white bread galore in the refrigerator. I have managed to keep an iiron heart and stay away from it all.
That is nto really true, I did taste each thing atleast once. Luckily, I am on the check four times a day roll. So watching a sugar over 200 brought me back to earth each time. I am hoping I can have one day with sugras in the 160s.
I am amazed at seeing how bad some of the folks are eating. Also worry about some of the kids eating junk as they are not getting the right diets. Is it is a wonder why Type 2 is showing up in younger folks? I see the signs already with the foods that folks are running after.
Just three years ago when I was here, I was enjoying the exact same things. Everytime I used to come for vacation, I would leave bigger and heavier. This time just watching my food I can see good results. I have actually lost weight and am feeling so much better.
Hoping to keep up the good work....


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