Do you ever think about death?

Feeling a little philosophical today. There have been some odd thoughts relating to death circulating around in my head.

It all started with the 60 minutes episode about presidential candidate Edwards interview with Katie about his wife being diagnosed with breast cancer. In response to one of the questions, Elizabeth Kerry said that she told her kids that she now knows what she will probably die of. I got thinking. It got me thinking. Now that I know I have diabetes, I pretty much know that I would die of complication related to Diabetes and Heart Disease. Sad, but true. I am not being negative, just thinking rationally actually.

Then there came a business trip. It has been a while since I had got onto a plane. The mind went back on death while sitting on the plane. There is always a possibility of it dropping out of the sky. But I sat down, closed my eyes and went over quickly the facts that most of the loose ends are tied up. I would be leaving my family emotionally distraught, but they should be able to live physically and financially OK.

Then while on the flight I started reading a book called, Life of PI. The book felt very dry and boring till it got into all sorts of philosophy. The author started discussing Hinduism and how it dealt with the concept of a Soul/ The soul is eternal and is in a constant state of wanting to merge with the one God. Made me think about reincarnation and how we have to keep on doing good things in life to make our Soul reach higher and higher. I feel like writing a separate article about my Hindu beliefs.

So that are various disjointed thoughts that juggled through my mind in the last 24 hours. And I got only 2 hours of sleep. Now to go to bed and wake up with a different set of thoughts.


justme said…
I think about death sometimes too...
Jonah said…
There are so many ways to die of diabetes- I could die of hypoglycemia some night in bed. I could die of renal failure. I could die of infection while treating renal failure caused by diabetes. I could die of a heart attack. I could get a gangrenous infection allowed by neuropathy.
Lori Rode said…
Keep reading! Life of Pi is a great book, but there's a twist at the end that threw me for a loop.

I do think about death sometimes, but usually my thoughts are about the deaths of my relatives who are slightly older than I.

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