Keeping sugars in control on a business trip

Monday I have to go to a customer site for a business trip. I am dreading this trip. For the last week I have kept a strict control on my sugars and am seeing great results. Now suddenly going on a trip across the nation is very disconcerting.

First of all, there is no good food available on the flights. There is carbs galore around the whole airport.

Secondly, I will not be able to eat better since I will be dining with other folks at the site. The choice of places to eat goes down when you have multiple people wanting to eat together.

Thirdly, I am going to be missing my wife and kids. The stress of that is bound to keep the sugars up.

Overall there is nothing but anxiety. But I hope to deal with it and learn to be better. This amount of anxiety does not seem normal.


Try looking at it this wy: if this were a vacation you would probably just see the difficulties as a challenge. They certainly wouldn't stop you from going I hope! And even if you were just with your family, you would have to think of them too. They are not diabetic so they want the "snacks" and the ice cream, so the carbs would be there too and you would manage fine! See this as a change to see a new city, or have you been there before? It is all in your perspective. My husband just left for Barcelona and he was complaing too - will the flight be delayed, will I get any dinner, will the room be over the dining hall, and it is uppose to be raining there..... COME ON take the chance to see the city. That is ewactly what I told him! As I said it all depends on your perspective....

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