Long term impact of eating Paneer

Last weekend we ended up going for a wedding in the family. It was a great Indian wedding. There was lots of food as usual and over a couple of days. I tried to do the best I can to eat things that will keep my sugars low -
1) Eat the meat. Lay low of the gravy
2) Eat the paneer ( Indian cheese for those who do not know what this is ).
The sugars did great. It also helped that my two year old always wanted to be out and about rather than in the room full of people. I cam back thinking I have handled the weekend great.
But the days following the weekend, my sugars started creeping up. I realized that the long term impact of eating the heavy stuff was -
1) The fat makes your appetite grown and make you want more.
2) I feel like I have gained atleast 3 pounds on the tummy and that cannot be good for the sugars.
3) It is going to take a lot of hard work to undo the two days of easy eating.
What should I have done -
Eaten the meat and stayed away from the panner. Tried to get my hands on vegis if I could or else gone and picked up a salad from the store and eaten it in the car. More work would have led to better results and easier week.
Now to get ready for the block party for July 4th :-)


Nandita said…
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