How would you deal with diabetes in a war zone?

Listening to all the news coming from Lebanon, I started to wonder how do the diabetics take care of themselves in a war zone?
Few things that will throw the careful life we diabetics construct around ourselves -
1) Having your house blown away with all your medicines. I guess you can be happy that you survived.
2) No idea where the next meal will be found. Have to eat what is available. No choice. Either you risk starvation or high sugars. I guess the choice would be to get your hands at as much meat as you can get. Know that the sugars are going to high. Try to go for raw vegetables if you can find any in a garden. Risk some starvation. High sugars are better than lows.
3) Constant stress. It would be an anxious and stressful time. The stress hormones are going to going crazy. There is really very little chance of keeping any control on your sugars.

Overall not a pretty situation.

My heart goes out to the folks that are currently going through this conflict, whether they are civilians or military. I feel sad for the ones with diseases trying to live through all of this. I pray that some solution comes up fast.


sweet & sickly said…
I often think things like that when i watch the news. it doesn't bare thinking about. i just hope the medical aid gets to them all.

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