Is it OK to Pity yourself?

Last week had a bunch of revelations forced on myself. I realized that my complaining about higher sugars was being considered a Pity me attitude. It was interesting. I obviously never thought of it like that. I always considered it my right to complain when I did not have everything in control. But when you do it too many times to the same set of persons, it starts to smell and taste like a pity-me item. And if it looks like one, smells like one, tastes like one, it is a Pity me.
Some realizations that dawned as part of this process -
1) Things are always in your control. Do not let them out of your control and if you do, then do not complain about it later.
2) If you are overwhelmed by diabetes or any other disease, do speak out and complain. Just try to spread it out. Some ideas -
- Compain to youself in the car, loudly.
- Complain to family.
- Complain to friends.
- Create a blog and rant on it.
This makes sure one single person does not get the brunt of all complaints.

Resolution -
Keep happy. Be happy, you are in good hands. Complain less, and when I do, I promise to spread the pain around.


jillian said…
I know just what you mean.... I have heard the name baby-bore—recently I became aware of the fact that I can be a 'bloodsugar-bore!
julia said…
Ummmm...I don't think that complaining about your blood sugars is a Pity Me thing. If you're not DOING anything about it, then maybe, but if you're doing all you can do, making changes, checking and all that happy stuff, then complaining is just that. Complaining.

It's only when you don't do anything to make a change that it becomes a poor, pitiful me party.

I don't think people without diabetes really realize just how much thought and effort it takes to live with this disease.

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