Someone hounding you to go see a doctor, good or bad ?

Last few days I have a nurse who is calling me to checkup on me and know how I am doing and if I have seen the doctor.

Thing is that I have not taken care of the medical stuff that I should have, so I am avoiding her calls.

In a way it is great that she is calling and reminding me, but then in a way it is bothersome when it is happening at a frequency that is not comfortable. I should not have to avoid her. I know it is not her problem, but my guilt, sigh... Got to get back in control of my doctor appointments.

On a side note, I have never actually met her. Only talked to her over the phone. Sometimes I wonder what she looks like?? Is that weird?


No you shouldn't have to avoid her calls - how frequent are they? I guess she is just trying to make sure you keep up on your doctor appointments. Stephanie
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