More, You know you are a diabetic when ....

You know you are a diabetic when ... 
you reach for the glucometer and not the coffee pot first thing in the morning. - This is from Bob Fenton
You converse with yourself when you are going to eat carbs late in the night.
You have nightmares about loosing limbs because you could not control yourself during the party.
You are scared to eat even a small piece of cake in case it starts the craving cycle for more.
You intimately know what A1C means
When you reach a party, you first check out what low carb foods are available
You have a reminder to visit your doctor every 3 months for checkups
You are or have been a subscriber to Diabetes Health magazine
You are or have been on Metfornin
Random folks give you remedies of all sorts to fix you up..
You carry some sort of fast sugars with you in case you run into a low!!!
You are terrified of the shaking and loss of control when you experience a low
You have agonized over deciding to tell folks at work whether you have the diseases
You feel like going to sleep after eating a large bowl of white rice
The doctor wants you to take your socks every time you visit him or her
Everytime you see an overweight person you wonder if they have diabetes

More later..


Bob Fenton said…
Thanks, if I find the time I will pass on more. I don't need credit, just appreciate someone starting a list and taking the time. I have enjoyed this list.


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