Book Review of "What To Expect When you have Diabetes"

The book has 170 tips for folks dealing with Diabetes. It is very much a low level reference book that is a good addition to any library. A lot of this information you see in there is easily available on various websites, but then this is a nice and neat compilation available to look up when ever you need to.

I like the idea of having this book to quickly check on questions that arise as I deal with my diabetes. The thing with having a disease like diabetes is that you never know all about the disease at any one time. Various issues/complication arise over time. It is nice to have a source to look at questions.

The book is not going to answer your questions in detail. But it sure is a nice place to start.

The book is well organized and finding the answers to the questions is simple as looking at the index.

I would recommend the book to all diabetics who are relatively new to the disease. It is a good package to keep handy when odd things come up related to the disease. You can always surf the net for more details if you need to.

It would also make a nice gift for a new diabetic, under the $10 gift range.

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