Trying to understand the one pound weight gain on the weekend

Last week I had decided to start the process of loosing weight. My weight had been steadily creeping up. So I started watching what I eat. Did not stop eating all the sweets in the house, but cut them down. I exercised everyday. But then on Monday I checked the weight and I had gained one full pound.

I was dumb founded and not sure what to make of it.

So I started thinking back to what I had had. On Saturday I had gone to a birthday party and on Sunday we had a couple of friends over. I started to think back what I ate there. Nothing jumped out till I remembered the Paneer. Yes, the Indian cheese. I have blogged about it before too. It seems to have a big impact on me. I had eaten some pieces of paneer on both the parties.

Now I know what caused the rise in the weight. I will watch out as there are more parties happening the coming weekend. It is the start of the holiday season and time to get things in some sort of control.


Lee Ann Thill said…
I think you're over-reacting. Google "normal weight fluctuations". Here's a link I found, but there are plenty of resources out there that explain why you're unnecessarily upsetting yourself by thinking there's that much of a direct correlation between the food you consume over the course of a couple od days and the number on your scale. So chill, keep working on the lifestyle changes you've identified as needing improvement, and don't fixate on your scale reading.
Anil said…
Good point Lee Ann.
For folks who did not get to see the link, there are lots of reasons for the weight fluctuations - like the calories you eat, water you retain...

I still think the paneer was a big culprit. Check out how high it is in calories -

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