Raise your hand if you were addicted to Carbs

I have been doing some self analysis in the last couple of days and discovering some interesting things about what drives me.

Looking back I am able to see some addictions in my life and one of them was to carbs. If there were different kinds of food in front of me, I would gravitate to the carbs. My carb of choice was rice, and that too white. I can remember salivating for them. I would eat multiple servings of the rice and always go back for seconds or sometimes even thirds. I remember not only being in love with my refined carbs, but also always searching them out. Lots of white flour, potatoes, rice. I loved sugary stuff and as I kept growing, I needed more sugar in everything to still feel sweet.

I remember adding a spoonful of sugar to a glass of orange juice. I would eagerly drink it up to get to the sugar, which would not have dissolved, at the bottom. Then I would eat the sugar with a spoon.

The good thing is that I was able to break the addiction once I got diabetes. I sometimes marvel at the power of the mind that can be addict you to something and then be able to lead you out.

Like all other addicts, I do sometimes get back into the trap. Unlike other addictions, the carbs are always around me so the temptation stares at me all over the place. But I know I can be strong and avoid giving in.


Anonymous said…
Hello Anil !
I am type II diebetic too for last 5 years.
I was so addicted to sweets that no meal was complete unless it was topped by something sweet.

I just stopped having any sweets when the diabetic condition was found.

My family and friends rfuse to believe that anyone, ( so addicted to sweets once) can just give up having sweets/sugared things.
They try to force it in small quantities, with a typical statement - Thodasa khaney se kuchh nahin hota-- ( a small quantity will not harm )

I do get an urge to have some sweets now and then, but I am glad to report that I have controlled myself so far.
Anil said…
It is hard for people who are not addicted to carbs to understand this. Once you are out, you can see your weakness.

I also see the same thing that people never can understand how I can just give it all up. I tell them that I do not feel the need anymore. But then one day I give in and takes a bunch of days to stop the cravings again. It is a constant struggle.

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