Ever get bored out of your brains at a party

It happened to me. It was a party at my own house. Worked really hard to cookgreat food, planned out a fun time. There were atleast 20 people.
But it just took two people to take over a nice time and turn it into a boring evening. I am always amazed at people who do nothing but still want to control everything. These two folks, wanted to take over the whole evening with an agenda of their own. Instead of enjoying the evening, they spent it all trying to make plans for how many more times we should all meet up the rest of the year. I was bored to my bones. Why would I want to take this great boredom with me to a vacation with them? So I graciously vanished from the room and the discussion.

What does this have to do with diabetes -
1) I look back at the evening and see a bunch of people who are in their middle age, eat a bunch of carbs, they choose to ignore the healthy stuff, and then just want to sit down and chat. Call me crazy, but my high sugar diabetic radar was jingling. I wanted to advice them all to get their blood tests done soon. But then no one was really paying attention to me. They were busy cracking jokes and making passes on each others wives.
2) I wanted to dance and feel good, but never got a chance. So I was cranky, though my sugars still did great as I had to walk around the house making sure everything was running smooth.
3) I saw folks let their toddler kids drink a whole can of Coke. Then the kid threw a tantrum. And I was thinking, do they not know how much sugar and caffeine this kid just took in ?


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