How my fasting sugars went up by 16 points in just 25 days

I know this is uncanny and totally depressing.

It all started as the Christmas vacation started to approach.

Before the vacation season, I was eating good, doing my bowflex, feeling those abs tighten. Weight was beginning to drop.

My fasting numbers were down to just under 120.

Then stuff started to happen. My Metfornin finished. I told the pharmacy to refill a prescription but there were so many errors that it over 20 days to get it all sorted out. My sister landed in town, my stress level went up. She hounded me on my diet and I actually abandoned it. Exercise went for a toss. House got loaded with bad food. Spent a lot of time in the mall walking slowly in the sea of humanity.

My fasting numbers climbed up to 135+.

I can feel those abs slowly vanishing. I have resolved to get it all back. But I am surprised by how fast the numbers climbed up. Goes to show that there is no respite in the fight against type 2 diabetes.


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