Losing weight is hard

A couple of months ago I put on about 10 pounds of weight. I did this during the height of summer, go figure. When I should have been out taking walks and mowing my lawn, I was sitting inside eating goodies.

Now trying to lose this weight is such a hard thing. Every step is painful and the numbers just do not show up. Eating better is hard since you end up feeling hungry. I am thinking it is better to just starve myself. That way I can stay hungry but loose some weight.

Some amount of exercise has moved into my daily life. Now I need to add more and do it regularly.

Trying to keep in mind - No pain no gain.


George said…
NO DOUBT! Losing weight is so hard. I have been on Weight Watchers and I have slowly been losing the weight.

The weeks that I exercise daily, i lose a lot more.


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