Living in fear of my diabetes

Sometimes I catch myself living in fear of my diabetes. It tends to occur after a couple of days of higher sugar numbers. The task of checking blood sugar becomes a small anxiety. I fear the results I will see on my meter.

Curiously in this fearful state I end up wanting to eat more to pacify myself. And the desire is not to obviously eat things that will keep the sugars down.

After a couple of days of being in fear, I finally get it, tell myself to be brave and face the challenge head on. I start eating more responsibly. Become more active through the day. Check blood sugar regularly. Morale goes up, days seem to be brighter and
waking up in the morning is no more a painful process.

I would like to be strong enough to never end up in the fearful phase. But got to deal with this weak brain as it is...One day, I will be stronger. I am sure making myself mentally stronger will help my whole life, not just the diabetic part.


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