Who is making money off my Diabetes?

Last week there was a flurry of activity in the financial media about how much money diabetes is going to make in the coming years -
Diabetes Drug Market

So I start thinking, this is a lot of money. No wonder there are quite a few players in the market, but I still do not see much relief for the average customer. For me the largest expense of the disease is the test strips. I have a good insurance, but if not, I doubt that I might be able to afford testing 4 times a day. It drives me crazy as to how much money these things cost. Interestingly the cost is the same on the strips all over the world. So it is not that the folks in the US are getting bilked, folks all over the world are.

I wish someone would start a non-profit that makes test meters and strips and sells it at cost. That would be something. Bring the cost of the strips from almost a dollar a strip to few cents.

But I am also looking more into which companies to invest some money into so that I can get back some money from all this increase in the medicinal spending. I am looking at investing into Johnson and Johnson as well as Nektar. J&J is a good umbrella drug company. Seems to have good management as is a consistent performer. Nektar, is the company that created Exubera which is being marketed by Pfizer. Seems to have had disappointing sales, but I believe it is more of a marketing issue. The company brought the inhalable insulin into the market and the demand for that exists. Maybe the folks already on do not find it as compelling since they are used to taking shots, but I think the newer diabetics will be much more open to this. I am betting some money on this horse.

Anyone have ideas of other investments, please let me know.


Anonymous said…
yeah, as a type 1 who tests 8 to 12 times a day, i shudder to think of the cost without insurance

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