Support for S 755 starts increasing

I came across a statement from the American Association of Diabetes Educators about their support for the Diabetes Screening and Medicaid savings act. You can read it here at - Support Statement

I have talked about this act in a previous post -

My Previous comments on the diabetes screening and Medicaid savings act

My feeling on this act have not changed. I see that the bill has been recommended to the finance committee, but not sure what that means. Hope that they are now discussing how to fund this.

I do sincerely hope that one of the major prevention items they add is getting people on a better health track. Healthy living is something that needs to be a key stone of any type 2 disease treatment.

My personal opinion is that medicine and society need ways to motivate people to eat healthy and exercise. The thing is that the same formula does not work on each person. You have to change the message and its delivery based on the person. The current education is so cookie cutter that it leaves most people unsatisfied. I hope that they can work something in this bill about being more effective. If not, this will just be another way for some companies to mint money out a disease that so many of us are suffering with.


Kate said…
As someone who briefly worked for an ADA accredited program for diabetes education, I am going to agree that it does tend to be somewhat "cookie cutter" to borrow your term. That is part of what I had issues with. However, the people I was working with for the most part did try to personalize the education to meet the needs of the individual at the same time as making sure they were keeping up to the standards so that they could maintain accredation- and therefore keep their jobs. At the same time, they also wanted to provide education to people with Medicaid, but because Medicaid would not cover much of basic education needs so that patients could learn about the lifestyle changes you talk about, the company had chosen to not participate with Medicaid. So, the current bill would help many get the education needed in order to prevent even more money being needed in the long term. It is estimated that 1 out of every 10 healthcare dollars in the US is being spent because of diabetes and it's complications- and I'm sure when the next stats come out it will be even higher. If Congress had spent this money years ago, maybe we'd be saving some of this money now. Just a thought.

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