Setting up boundaries

Like everything else in life, one has to setup boundaries around his/her diabetes.
Self management of the disease is a very individualistic endeavor. You have to be on top of things and the only way to know if you are succeeding is to constantly check and record.

Here are some of the boundaries I have defined for myself -
1) A1C to be under 6.5
2) Morning sugars under 120
3) Sugars 2 hours after meals under 160
4) Exercise atleast 30 minutes a day.

I do the following measurements to keep these goals in check-
1) Get A1C checked once every 3 months.
2) Check sugars 4 times a day. Once after waking up and 2 hours after breakfast, lunch and dinner.
3) Try to exercise.

The boundaries are set, and I am currently not living within them most of the time. Setting the boundary will help me get back in there. I hope that in a couple of months I have met these goals and then I can tighten the boundary a little more.


Anonymous said…
dear sir,
please advise me how you are checking the blood sugar levels...4 times daily. Now when i checked my blood sugar levels last week it showing 124, so I wanted to keep it under 110,
please advise me...gluco meter one touch is good?

Anil said…
I used to do it 4 times a day. Then I got down to once a day and now even lesser. But when you stop checking you do notice that the numbers start to creep up.

The blood sugar levels are subjective. Try to also focus on the A1C.
Pretty much any meter is good these days. It is more a personal choice as well as what your insurance will cover.

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