More on the ADA

Got some interesting comments on my last post about the ADA -
Living with Diabetes: What I think about the ADA

I got some insights into myself based on the comments. I do not feel like the ADA is doing much for folks like me who want to manage their type2 diabetes without drugs. But since I was not happy with it, I assumed that other, like folks with Type1 are the ones that are satisfied and have their needs met. The comments go to show that that is not true. Just because I was not satisfied does not mean that someone else is either. Lesson learned, stick to what you feel. Do not prejudge what others think. When in doubt, ask.

So now with the ADA, looks like it is leaving lots of people unstaisfied. Nto sure what can be done. Maybe the organization can split inot smaller groups. Having focusssed groups for each style of disease and its management might be a way to provide better support. Not sure if the ADA has the reqources or the manpower for something like this, but it might be worth cosnidering.

I still believe in the power and the promise of the ADA. I do not want to abandon it, but I am just not happy with what it is doing for folks like me.


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