Free sodas at work, good or bad?

Last week I went on a customer visit. Made an intersting observation while I was on this trip.

The csutomer site only had free coffee for its employees. Where I work, I get lots of free drinks, all kinds of sodas, juices, bottled water and great Starbucks coffee.

I noticed that I actually drank lesser saoda while I was on the customer site. There was soda available through the vending machines, but that was not as easy as opening up a door and taking your pick. I realized how many soadas I do end up drinking. They are all diets, but the number is quite high. Weird, but I felt that there is a disadvatage of having all this free stuff be available.

On the flip side, since it was not easy to grab a bottle of water and drink it, my water consumption went really down. Not good as I started feeling more tired by the evening.

I am still not sure if having th free stuff is good or bad, but will watch my consumption of the diet sodas going forward.


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