Killings in Virginia

I am shocked with what is going on. I imagine college as a fun and free place. The fact that someone can come in with weapons, block the doors and start shooting randomly is insane. But then I guess that is what people around the workd are thinking the killer was, insane.

Back in India while I was in college, every year I would hear atleast two cases of students losing it, nervous breakdowns aka NBD. Most of the time it was related to stress from the pressure of studying. Not once did I hear any one of them deciding to hurt others and go down in a blaze of fire. But I suspect that soon this sort of thing is going to start showing up everywhere in the world. One of the problems of being connected all over is the fact that copy cats can spring up anywhere.

I pray for the well being of the families of those who lost people. I cannot even begin to imagine the sorrow. I pray for the family of the killer as they will bear the burden of his actions for the rest of their lives.


Scott said…
Its very tragic, but like others who have gone through similar traumas, people are surprisingly resilient! In all, I think this situation was tragic because I think the U.S. has inconsistent gun laws nationwide and unfortunately makes it very easy to get automated assault weapons that have little relevance to the average hunter. Anyway, lets hope this type of thing does not spread to other countries!!
Anonymous said…
People have the right to bear arms and defend themselves when the government is unable to or does not protect its citizens. BTW, it is written into the constitution of which you are a citizen.
I do not feel sorry for this Bastard's Family. They should have never been allowed to enter the USA. They gave birth to this devil and are responsible as well for all the killings. It is strange that Cho had a Green Card after many many years of being here and did not become a citizen. It is also strange that he had the words Ishmael Ax written on his arm and the return address of the package that was sent to NBC News. These are all references to Islam.
As far as "this type of thing spreading to other countries", it has.
In the Philippines you have the Muslims killing Christians.
In Dafur, you have the Muslims killing Christians.
In India you have the Muslims killing Hindus and Christians.
In the Middle East, you have Palestian Muslims killing Jewish women and children.
In Serbia, you have the Muslims killing Christian Serbs.
In Turkey, you have Muslims killing Christians.
In France and England you have so-called "Incidents", where Muslims have killed and assaulted non-Muslims.
In Russia, you have Muslim Chechens who are responsible for the killing of young non-Muslim children in school as well as other killings. In the USA you have so-called isolated instances of Muslims killing non-Muslims throughout the country. Have you also forgotten 9/11?
If guns were permitted on the V Tech campus by school police or/and retired military personnel then this Cho would have been eliminated and the deaths would have been avoided.
Men have a right, duty and responsibility to protect their families, country and community from this type of Terrorism.
Anil said…
Well, the last comment brings out what I do not like about radicals. I can see that the person who decided to post did not feel like they can put their name on the post. How typical, hiding behind a veil of hatred.
I add to my prayers people who hate without reason and hope that they can work at making themselves better citizens of the US as well as the world.
Anonymous said…
It is difficult to say what could have prevented the shooting. There are so many variables in each of our lives that accumilate into how we see ourselves and others around us.
I find it sad that one of our fellow humans lost hope and took other humans lives as well as his own.
We are all co-habitating on this earth together and as it can sometimes be difficult to live and share space in a home with others, as well as, it can be in a public setting; I hope we all can remember that we are all on the same side...we just want to be comfortable and most importantly...happy.
Now, since one of our fellow humans lost hope for whatever reason and didn't seem to have an outlet or support for whatever he was going through...many are having to try to grieve and heal...not just family and friends of the immediate ones affected but everyone that hears of this story has been affected in some way.
Sorry, if you've read this to this point because I have no answer to solve the hurt...I just send my thoughts of healing to everyone involved.
Peace Be With You.

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