Sometimes I yearn for life before Diabetes

There are times when I wish that Diabetes had not come into my life. There were some things that were so much more easier before. Some of the things I yearned for last night -
Ability to eat a nice sugars snack for Christmas at the mall.
The taste of melting dark chocolate candy in my mouth
Rice and sambar
Eat idlis
Pasta Alfredo
French fries
Mango chutney
Peanut brittle
A big glass of Orange Juice

I console myself with this saying -
"You cannot expect life to be the way you want it to be. You have to deal with it the way it is."


MileMasterSarah said…
I barely remember life without diabetes, I wouldn't even know what to wish for....At least it feels that way!
Anonymous said…
yeah me too and i guess its still easy for you to avoid and don't bother about mouth watering sweetmeats and all fried at display in indian markets. just walk out and they all say taste me :( visit soemoen and saying i am diabetic and answering all oh so yuong and blah blah then gulping only tea without sugar closing eyes to all peadas barfis gajar ka halwas and all the sweet food indian homes can create. I even see dreams where i am sitting on stack of laddus and gulping rasmalai's ahh but dreams remain dreams i dare not beach my bland and no sweet contract with diabetes. Life is struggle it really is !!!

dunno why i just can't login to comment otherwise i cna login and blog so have to uses anonymous account.

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