Good mornings !!

The last few weeks my morning sugars are dropping. This is great considering where I was sitting for such a long time. I am actually able to see morning sugars under 120. This inspite lots of stress from work, home, relationship, kids and everything else you can think of. I guess it has been a time when life is trying to catch up.
But in all the dark clouds, the under 120 morning sugars is a great silver lining.
Why as I getting blessed like this -
1) I am being more active towards the end of the day.
2) Eating a bigger snack in the evening so that my body is not dying from hunger for dinner.
3) absolutely no bread during dinner. I am sticking to vegetables and protein during dinner. There is some carbs coming from the other foods, but no carbs. Definitely much lower glycemic indexes.
4) Some positive thoughts in the head before I fall off to sleep. I am just so tired by the time I hit the bed that I am lost really fast, unless one of the children decide to wake up and need attention.


Anonymous said…
like you i am a type 2, dx. in feb., with a child. i has been quite a challenge. congrads on your a.m. lows! i was doing great, then got sick nad my numbers stayed high. they are slowly coming down w/meds., but not as low as i need them to be. it has been frustrating. anyways, it's nice to "meet" someone that is a bit similar.


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