The body has Diabetic memory

Interesting, but this is what I observed in the last week. I have a pretty set routine on what and when I eat. My sugars were trending to be under 120 when I wake up. Then over a period of two weeks, got very busy. Spent most of the time driving around in the car, ate a lot more McDonald's and ended up running out of my cache of foods like the breads etc that I eat. So I started eating the bread that my wife eats, though I adjusted to keep the nutrition info the same.
My sugars started creeping up. I starting getting a morning sugar of 150. My 2 hours after meals sugars was at 180-200. I got freaked out. I tried everything, even being more active, which was really hard as the body was reeling under high sugars and just wanted to rest.
Finally got my bread from the store and sugars are now back to lower levels. I woke up to a 124 today. Not great but much better.
So this is what I hypothesize -
1) When you start bring sugars in control, the body gets used to what you are giving it and how it consumes.
2) Changes to the routine is not good and specially large changes, they throw the body off and for a diabetic the results are unpredictable.
3) Change in weather is a cautious time. Watch your habits. Things like exercise get mightily affected.
4) Once you are off the wagon of good sugars, it takes some time to come back. They way I see it, it took a week to get off and it is going to take a whole month to get back to the same levels as before.


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