Being a Diabetic Turtle

I have been thinking about messages sent to us from various thing we read and listen to everyday. A couple of days ago I was reading the story of the rabbit and the turtle to my little daughter and was telling her the moral of the slow and steady does win the race. It got me thinking, how does that philosophy apply to my life with diabetes?
A rabbit signal highs and lows in your blood sugar. When you get a high, you have more energy (not true always) but you can get a spurt and then the slowdown. So being a rabbit is a signal of being on highs and lows and swinging like a pendulum from a rapid release of energy to a low where you have to sit down and rest.
whereas a turtle would be a constant blood sugar. Not many highs or lows. A simple steady graph of sugar. Keeping things in relative calm and getting things down at a nice relaxed, but determined pace.
I think these days I am a diabetic turtle. I want to keep things in control and continue achieving things.


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