A reminder from mother nature

Mother nature sure has a nice way of reminding you of your place and status every once in a while.

Last week after the great doctors visit I was beginning to get cocky. I thought to myself, now I have a lot better control on diabetes, now I can live the rest of my life with no medicine. I thought in my head that I had it beat and am on top of it and dreamt of possibly reversing the disease.

So while in this halo I went to the temple to celebrate a Hindu festival - Janamastami, the birth of lord Krishna.

I sat there with my family watching other eat since I rarely eat at the temple anymore, too many carbs. Then I saw an acquaintance walk in using a walking stick. This guy was healthy just an year ago when I had seen him. I asked what happened and he said Diabetes. Still cocky I assumed that he must been having trouble since he was not watching himself. So I ask him what exactly happened. He said that he was keeping very good control on his sugars (strike one on my cockiness). Then he had an accident and had to get some foot surgery. Normally the surgery results in 2 weeks of rest, but since he has diabetes, it took in almost 6 months. The healing process was messed up and he was still recovering. I could just imagine myself, lying on the bed, no exercise, no nothing. To have the surgery heal better I need better control of my sugars, but for that I need to be able to move and exercise. That is a real CATCH-22.
The whole idea still has a hold on my mind. I realize now that it was a lesson from nature. My cockiness needed to be checked so I was presented an example to remind me that I might think I am in control, but the journey has just started.

So now I am worried, stressed and relieved at the same time. I am worried about what would happen when I have a big injury. Stressed that having good sugar control is not enough. Relieved that I an not sitting on my high horse anymore and would not make silly assumptions about myself or others anymore.


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