Good Sugar control, a cure for baldness?

Before folks get all excited about this, no this is not because of any scientific study out there. This has been my experience.
Before I got diagnosed with Diabetes a year ago, I had been loosing hair on the head at a very accelerated rate. It seemed like days of baldness were coming on really fast. Friends were beginning to comment on how my hair was going away fast. Some had theories like I was working too much, or that having kids was taking its toll.
I know I will go bald eventually as my father is a baldy. I expect loosing hair slowly, but the pace was picking up.
Then I ran into Diabetes and took control of diet and health. Then a month ago I noticed some of the fellow hair loosing guys comment on the fact that my hair seemed to be coming back. Most thought that I must be using some medicine, which I wasn't. Some cursory research into the look did seem like I was getting back a fuller set of hair on my head. It was weird.
This is my theory about this. The hair is a indication of your diet and health. There are numerous examples of how it is so. Any drug you take ends up showing in your hair. Chemical treatments for cancer etc cause hair to fall off. My belief is that I am eating a better diet and watching my health. This has the affect of bettering the health of my hair too.
So what do I learn, there is yet another symptom to look for when your sugars are out of control - Check if hair start falling off at a faster pace.
In case someone is looking for others possible symptoms, they are -
- Extreme thirst
- Craving for more and more sugar
- Frequent urination
- unexplained weight loss.
- itching...
Read up on for a lot more info.


Lori Rode said…
Dr. John McDougall believes this, that the standard american diet contributes to baldness and that his diet (low-fat vegan diet, as used in the recent PCRM study) can help stave off baldness. He first noticed this when working with immigrant groups in Hawaii. 1st Gen would eat old-style (less meat, less fat, less processed foods) and have lots of hair. 2nd Gen would eat SAD (Standard American diet, high meats, high fats, much processed foods) and be bald. Interesting observation. I wish you the best, for your hair and otherwise.

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