New numbers looking good

Met up with my doctor yesterday. It was the three month checkup to see how I am doing.
My A1C numbers came out at 6.4. I was very happy. It dropped from 6.8 the previous time to 6.4. The hard work is paying off.
It was a good visit. Confirmed my belief that I am the right track. My sugars are still a little bit higher, but the diet and the minimal amount of exercise are definitely making an impact.
We talked about my metfornin usage and I told him about not taking it. The doc says that I have proven that I do not need the medicine as yet so I can stay off it.
He congratulated me on my tight control and was pleased. Told me to keep it up. Did warn me that I should keep things in control as traditionally diabetes is a progressively worsening disease and if a tight control is not maintained it gets harder to keep under control in the long run.
One other piece of advise was to start an aspirin regimen. I have been thinking about this one tool. Especially since I found out that Diabetics are the most susceptible to something they call as a silent heart attack, one where you get it and see no signs of it coming , mostly always resulting in a bad outcome.
Overall I am happy where my care is, but know that I have just started on the foothills of a tall peak. The journey is just beginning.
Good luck to you all -


bike4life said…
congratulations Anil!!!

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