Rewarding oneself - with food?

Last week I got excited that I had managed to have a great week with sugars in control. I wanted to reward myself. But when I thought of how, I ended up thinking about eating something I really really like or missed since now I watch what I eat. A few more minutes and I could see how weird this whole things was. You reward yourself for eating good, by eating bad...hmmm

This is a real thinker issue. What do I do now? All my life I have rewarded myself with some sort of food. I am sure it was something that started really early in childhood. Either it was something I created or something my parents inadvertently created in me. But for the last few decades that is what has been ticking my bones.

Now, the great D is making me rethink the whole paradigm of rewards. My existing reward system has to be dismantled. What should I replace it with. Maybe I reward myself with a new exercise tool, nah, have too many of those already. Maybe a new electronic gadget. Unfortunately that can be a pretty expensive reward and not something you can do more often.

Another ringer in this whole process is children. Now I have two of my own. How do I make sure that their reward system does not involve eating a large bowl of ice cream. This one is going to give me some headaches. I need to figure out a system that I like and hopefully also impart it to my kids.

So much for being rewarded.....


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