Living By the Numbers

Seems like life is becoming driven by numbers.
I have a couple of friends whose life seem to be living by the price of their companies stock. They happen to have stock options and have bet the rest of their future on their stock. It is hard to warn people to be aware of the Enron trap when they see stories of riches coming from Google stock. These folks are euphoric on the days the stock goes up and really sad when it starts moving downwards.

Coming back to my story. My life is now ruled by the sugar numbers. Not sure if that is any better
that the stock numbers. I console myself with the fact that on the sugar numbers, I have a small amount of control. I try and get my sugar 4 times a day, One fasting, and then 2 hours after breakfast, lunch and dinner. The month started off great. On Mar 1st, I had and execllent day -
Fasting - 112
Breakfast - 133
Lunch - 134
Dinner - 117
I felt great. It was the best start to a month that I could have hoped for. But today morning on 2nd, my fasting sugars were at 149.
I am still very confused with this stuff.
Having a high morning sugar is one of the biggest disappointments for a new day. Here's a post from Scott on starting with higher sugars.


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