The strange relationship between me and my meter

First of all, I will like to state that I think of my blood glucose meter as a girl. So when I talk about it, I always do it in the feminine form. What she ( my meter ) says is what goes.

My meter cab control how I start my day. If I wake up and she gives me a good number, then I coast through the rest of the day a much happier person. If she gives me a number that is too high right in the morning, I know that it is going to be one of those hard days. It sure is hard to recover from a bad morning number on my meter.

Sometimes the meter loves to blow my fun cover. Like the other day I was rolling through the day a happy camper and was thinking that the sugars must be doing good as my body seems to not want to drop like it is made of lead. So I happy brought her out of her case and poked myself and waited eagerly for the results....298. I was lost. She had taken the winds out of my sails. And sure enough I got lethargic right after that..What is up with that.

Then there are days when she shines her benevolent light on me. I went out for some dim sum and ate to my hearts desire. I was sure that I am going to run a high number then and even felt like taking a mid afternoon nap. I pulled her out and checked,,,it was...146. Now I could have jumped up and danced, but all I did was thank my lucky stars. I did consider testing another time to be sure, but decided to not push my luck :-)


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