Depression and Diabetes, like skating on thin ice.

I have been trying to understand this whole depression, feeling blue thing. Why do some of us diabetics suffer with it so much?

It is amazing how depression is so prevalent amongst the diabetics. Not sure if this is a factor of some chemical changes due to the lack of insulin or is it the fact that we have to spend our time worrying about what is going in and what the sugars might be running and what the future is bringing. If you are looking towards a future with possible amputations, blindness, sores, ulcers, it is kind of hard to be upbeat about it !!!!

The closest analogy I could come up with was a person skating on thin ice. You are feeling good as ypou are skating and can feel the cool wind on your face and feel free with the movements. But under you, the dark swirling waters are always existing. It is just a matter of time and chance that the ice might break and you get wet again. Hopefully you are alble to pull yourself back up and come back on the ice sheet and be safe. I hate the idea of falling through anf never being able to come back up. I guess that is where you have to have a support strucutre around you which can throw the ropes and pull you back if you are having a hard time coming out.

Well.... back to life and looking forward to the Christmas and New years. This year I am going in positive, but am ever mindful of the fact that the ice is thin. Got to pull those support ropes a little closer now :-)


BlogQueen said…
Don't feel depressed; talk with a friend or loved one. Or write in a journal. Last time my anger got the better me, well let's just say I have a broken cell phone now. lol.

Happy Holidays!

If you ever want to post/write an article on Diabetes for my health BLOG.
slt said…
Are You Tired, Stressed, Depressed?
If so, you’re not alone!
me too. now i am feel great again thank to natural Dietary Supplement
that i taking.

Don't feel depressed?
talk to your loved one and be happy.
James Pearce said…
It never occurs to most Americans that literally billions of people in the world are immune to diabetes because of their diet. Poor people in rural India, China etc who eat mostly rice and beans with some vegetables and fruit are very slim and don't get DM, heart dz, high BP, and our common cancers that are also driven by insulin resistance. Those people rarely if ever eat meat or desserts.

As a diabetes educator, I'm considered radical for teaching researched based diets like the DASH diet instead of phony approaches like carb counting.

Fill your body with whole grains and beans: barley, oatmeal, brown rice plus large servings of fruits and veg. Eat beans (navy, kidney, pinto etc etc) daily. Cut meat, eggs and cheese out for now and use as little fat as possible, forsake desserts for now. You'll see your DM2 shrivel up.

Endocrinolgists say in their publications that DM2 is caused by the "Western Diet." Go figure.

I conclude that most Americans want their diabetes. It's the price they are willing to pay for the diet God never intended them to eat.

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