Being positive through a long weekend

I know that when the long weekend rolls up I start to feel like I need time..yada..yada ...and start to slip into the familiar negative regions.

So I am going to avoid it all this time with these ideas -

1) Monitor my mood -
I will watch as I change from a happy positive person and figure out ways to life my mood. There is so much good to look at and bask in.
2) Think of the Sun -
I will think about all the good that God has given in my life and not let the current situation with the difficulties keep me down. I will put my trust in God (This is going to be the hardest , to just let go). I have been blessed with lots of good time in the past and will have a lot of good time in the future. I need to trust and do all the things that I need to do to weather through this set of difficulties.
3) Clear your mind -
Another idea that I can already see the benefits for. I will not focus on the negatives. It is hard, but I will push negative thoughts aside and meditate on all the good.


Chris Stocker said…
#3 I think is the most important. It helps you stay stress free.

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