When your support structure gives in

My family, mainly my wife, has been the pillar of my support structure. In the last few months she herself is having her issues and the kids are demanding more time as they grow up, so recently most of her time was taken away and my support structure crumpled. So now I am beginning to realize how much I need it and wondering how I should setup a new one.
Some ideas swimming in my head -
1) Make sure that the structure is not sitting on just one pillar. Like anything else in the world, there needs to be redundancy. I think having four pillars will be ideal. Still need to know who will be these four pillars.
2) Make sure that the support gets stronger as time goes by. So need to acknowledge and keep visiting the shortcomings of the structure. Needs regular maintenance.
3) Know that everybody needs it, so be willing to be other people support pillars. Give back what you get.


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