I wish the body, brain and heart followed rules set by the person

Sometimes I wish that there was a stronger system of control on the human system.

It would be nice to decide what you want the whole combo to do.

I would Iike -
- The body to want to feel stronger and more muscular.
- The heart to be warmer to others feelings
- The brain to control cravings for things..


Jim said…
You said:
"I would like ... The brain to control cravings for things.."

And, of course, it does control the cravings. But it's the hypothalamus portion of the brain which does that, and there's not much that our conscious portion of the brain can do about it.

Except keep the hypothalamus happy, by feeding it the natural foods in the form that our bodies evolved to get them. Try eating lots of raw foods.

My diet includes lots of fresh raw avocados, tomatoes and bell peppers. They keep my hypothalamus quite happy, and I'm losing weight.

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