New Years resolutions - Loose Weight, and Be Happy

Well 2009 is here. It is time to take a look at what happened last year and what is coming up for the New Year.

Last year was interesting, I started on more medication and got a much better control on the A1C. But I also discovered eye damage starting the in the eyes and discovered that I need to add some more testosterone into my system. My muscular strength increased, but my eight went up too. I was happier but discovered that my whole disposition towards being negative is hampering everything in my life.

I have simple desires from the coming year.
First, I want to loose atleast 10 lbs in the year. I am starting the year at 184.6 lbs. I will need to be careful of what I eat and exercise more regularly.

Second, I want to be happier. Now this falls into my desire to be more positive in life. Not sure what all I need to do, but I am making an effort. I wake up and tell myself - "I choose to be happy." A simple statement, but it lets me know that being happy is my choice., Nobody else can do this, I have to take control of this myself.

I hope that I am able to keep all my resolutions and wish the same for all other people in the world.

Peace and happiness to all.


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