How I got my Fasting BS down

I used to have fasting sugars running into the 150's for a while last year. This was really bad and I found myself waking up to body aches. For some reason the pain the soles of my feet was the worst.

So I stated off on a plan to get it down -
1) Stop eating carbohydrates (e.g. bread, rice) during dinner. This was harder on my wife since she had to make sure that there was enough protein and vegetables to actually fill me up. I helped by adding lots of green salads to the diet. This helped take the number down a little.

2) Started some minor exercise in the the night. I tried to be active. If we are watching TV, I would walk on the spot. Play some tumbling games with the kids. Clean up the kitchen. This helped.

3) Started taking a 500 mg of Metfornin. This was another big help.

Now my number are mostly under 115 for the morning. It seems to be trending down as I am exercising regularly at the gym and actually loosing some weight.

Since I cannot stop experimenting, I tried out not taking Metfornin and see. The numbers jump up by 10 points.

I am also experimenting with adding some carbs to the dinner now that I am taking Metfornin and that experiment seems to be suggesting that a few carbs are OK. But there is no compromise on the exercise.


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