Been a long time since I read any book on Diabetes

Life gets so busy and you never have time to read up on things that you want to.

When I was first diagnosed with Diabetes, I read vociferously. I enjoyed the Dr Bernstein book. I wanted to know as much as I could about the disease.

Then life kicked in and taking up a book on diabetes was just not possible. I have tried on and off, but not gotten much farther. It is always more exciting to be reading something that is faster and more easier on the brain :-)

Lately I do a lot of audio books that I check out from the library. We have a great system here in Seattle. But there are no audio books on the Diabetes issue. I wish there were some as I am sure that are a bunch of folks who would be interested. It is hard to get a handle on a book of facts via audio, but the right person, like the author themselves would be able to convey the ideas pretty well.

I do plan on reading one new book on my diabetes this year. Planning a long 3 week vacation to the NY region this summer. It would be an ideal time to catch up on some reading, i.e. if the kids do not get me sucked into watching too many movies.... There is always a reason lurking !!!!!


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